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"Are you OPEN for Business OR CLOSED for CLIENTS?" Nikki Ashe

Motivational Speaker

I am a daughter, wife, MOMpreneur and a child of the high most GOD.  I am Giovannia Ashe, CEO of Givon Enterprises. Your Elevation Strategist into your next level of your brand! Want to hear my amazing story from volunteer of 10 years to a successful entrepreneur in 2 years?  Sitting on my passion and not monetizing for 10 years, TIME WAS UP!  I was so busy searching for my nice in other types of business developments that I was continuing to sit on my passion that I was doing for free!  I would spend countless hours raising funds for other people and helping them to grow their business while secretly continuing my passion for free. The light bulb moment NEVER went off until…I invested in a business coach…then the re-launch of my true passion into my niche surfaced and the entrepreneurship journey began and now I CHOOSE what to do for free.  I enjoy making an IMPACT vs an INCOME!  Allow me the opportunity to share my story as an inspiration, motivation and empower tool for other inspiring small business owners!  

Empowering Trainer

Givon serves as a speaker and workshop presenter that leads impactful yet energizing and empowering webinars/workshops and events that help sky rocket her clients' efforts.  Her SOLD OUT workshops and masterclass events have help entrepreneurs to increase their connections, customers and cash!  Some of her SOLD OUT events include:

  • The Art of Expo Marketing
  • SMART Marketing and Promotion
  • How to Raise a $1K in 30 Days!
  • Connections, Candid Conversations & Cuisine.

Want to attend one of her events, Then Connect with Givon!

Expert Marketing Strategist

Givon has helped numerous entrepreneurs, small businesses and non-profit organizations elevate their marketing and fundraising results.  Givon has 30 years of combined experience in Fundraising and Marketing.  Allow Nikki to serve as your Marketing Strategist into your next level of your brand!  If you are at a business/non-profit plateau in your brand and you need:

  • To develop a visibility plan to increase your brand exposure
  • Ensure that you are staying in consistent communication with your clients while streamlining your efforts
  • Make some powerful connections to enhance your business operations
  • Design a vendor table décor to attract, entice and engage customers
  • Graphic design services to enhance your professional brand and attract your target audience